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Connection Monitor 1.2

No Image What is Connection Monitor?
Connection Monitor is network utility program for network administrator or any person like monitor connection link to internet .
this program have alert in 8 method. you can get information about internet link down & up time.Main Features: Supports logging of all data Separate statistics for each day , week , month Displays data in Kilo byte values Detailed transfer history Advanced alert system.

Connect and Shar 1.02: Control, monitor modem and Internet connection from any remote computer
Connect and Shar 1.02

A server and client application to connect, disconnect, monitor modem and Internet connection from any computer on LAN. Works with any type of Internet connection be it Dialup, USB modem DSL, Cable and satellite connections. Client software must be downloaded seperately that alerts users in the network in MSN-style pop-up animation, whenever Internet connection in the gateway is Online or Offline. Useful to anyone sharing one Internet connection

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10-Strike Connection Monitor 4.2: Monitor and audit network access to your shares; log users opening your files
10-Strike Connection Monitor 4.2

Monitor network connections to your shared resources, find out who opens your files over local network. Protect your servers, be notified when an intruder opens secure or private folders and files. The program writes a log file with information on remote user name, files and folders accessed, date and type of access. It also generates screen, sound, and e-mail notifications, runs external applications on connections to your shares.

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Bandwidth Monitor Monitors bandwidth usages and provides daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Bandwidth Monitor

Monitor monitors bandwidth usages through computer it`s installed on. The software displays real-time download and upload speeds in graphical and numerical forms, logs bandwidth usages, and provides daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usages reports. Bandwidth Monitor monitors all network connections on a computer, such as LAN network connection, Internet network connection, and VPN connection. Bandwidth Monitor also offers useful built-in utilities

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EMCO Ping Monitor 4.2.5: Monitor connection to network hosts and send messages on lost/restore events
EMCO Ping Monitor 4.2.5

Ping Monitor is an automatic tool for tracking connections with hosts in the local network and Internet. It detects connections statuses by sending regular pings and analyzing responses. Ping Monitor can work in 24/7 mode to track connections states and calculate connections statistics. When connections are lost or restored, it can display messages in System Tray or send notifications by e-mail. Also it can execute custom actions on these events.

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MT4 Monitor 4.0: MT4 Monitor - Metatrader 4 terminal connection monitoring (MT4 monitor)
MT4 Monitor 4.0

Metatrader 4 terminal connection monitoring (MT4 monitor). MT4 monitor script watches for connection status of Metatrader 4 terminal and alerts to screen and e-mail if connection is lost or datafeed freezes.In addition it can watch and alert for price spikes and fast market moves.

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serverMon LE Monitor and log the status of your connection to a remote computer.
serverMon LE

monitor the health of your connection to a remote computer, such as your website server, as well as the health of the server itself by using ping and file download requests. serverMon LE pings the host and, optionally, downloads a file to further check the integrity of the connection and server and logs all results. Both a host name and IP address can be monitored should you want to bypass DNS lookups or your CDN. Features: * Portable * Monitor one

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